My mission

Dear friends!

Have you ever wondered what we need music for?
Serious, entertaining, vividly programmatic, soulful, aggressive, different.
Classic, jazz, rock, pop… For every taste.

What is its role in our lives?

The technological and bustling age in which we live is prone to making us listen and create music that corresponds to our daily worries of our complex lives. Music can help us fill the void in our hearts, relax, and have fun, force us to glance inside our soul or in the soul of another person…

For this, composers use a variety of intonations, harmonies, and rhythms, trying to solve a particular problem in order to satisfy our needs. In modern popular music, we can observe a trend towards primitivism of melody, harmonic palette; meanwhile in serious – towards a huge amountof dissonance that reflects the constant pressure of work of our brain.

We are surrounded by a wealth of information, mobile telephones, and social networks, with the help of which the majority of our communication takes place. In a world of technological innovations and in our constant rush, we sometimes forget about the soul… Think more than we feel… But is it right?

God created us without gadgets and commotion. He has given us the most important thing – that, which both makes us different from one another and unites us. FEELINGS and EMOTIONS. Love, sadness, happiness, anger, fear… They define our lives, values, mission, and our mood. God has united us to communicate through feelings. He has also given us music. What for, do you think? Perhaps to feel, empathize, love, unite… What we feel after listening to, performing or composing music, is its main purpose, the meaning of its existence.

While listening to any type of music, we need to ask ourselves:

  • How useful is it for our heart?
  • Does it heal the soul through joy or pain?
  • Does it simply make us come up to our loved ones and hug them?
  • Does it help usbecome better and do good deeds?

Perhaps it simply helps us look inside ourselves. To cease living the past and the future, and to finally experience this true moment in the PRESENT?
I know that my mission on Earth, with the help of my music, is to evoke natural from birth emotions, undistorted by commotion, evil, prejudices, and life’s problems.

I always follow my heart. Composing music, I feel kindness, happiness, joy, sadness, and the things we often suppress within ourselves… Through music, I open up my soul, directing all of my feelings to the performer.

Perhaps the tears of joy and the gleam in the eyes of children and adults, who perform and listen, is the indicator of music that brings us together? If so, then I am the happiest composer on earth, because I feel it and see it in the performers of my music.

I know that I am not alone – there are many of us! We simply must find one another in order to create our world – a world without wars, envy and violence… A world where our souls could merge into a single stream of kindness,peace and love!