• Set of backing tracks to the vocal collection "MIRACLE OF VOCALISES", (p. І): "Vocalises from perfect four to majore sixth"

The peculiarity of this collection is that the impressional vocalises are created within a narrow tessitura - from fourth to sixth. This allows them to be performed by novice vocalists: children, adolescents and adults with limited voice range or average vocal abilities.


Due to different modes, extensive piano accompaniment in various styles, and a rich palette of means of expression vocalises may included into both educational and concert repertoire and performed in an academic, pop, and mixed manner of singing.




1. A combination of suitable melodies and some interesting musical and artistic contents; 

2. An opportunity for novice vocalists to perform these pieces, even for children and adults with limited voice range and average vocal abilities (in particular, by adolescents going through a period of voice change)

3. An opportunity to perform each work in different singing styles;
4. The use of a piano part with various harmonious colors, not only to support the voice, but also as an integral part of the musical and artistic design. Duplication of the vocal part with the accompaniment is naturally combined with the lead piano part, supporting novice vocalists; 

5. The collection of these short musical pieces offers correct distribution of vocal load in the process of voice production; 
6. An opportunity to enhance various vocal and technical skills;
7. An opportunity to perform the musical pieces during vocal recitals;
8. Development of students' figurative thinking due to the fact that each vocalise is an interesting story, reflected through the musical means of various artistic images and moods (more frequently within the piano part);
9. Adding methodological recommendations to each work;
10. An opportunity to listen to the vocal part of each musical piece and to use the corresponding piano instrumental music.
11. An opportunity to perform each vocalise in four keys (four separate collections in different keys);

12. An opportunity to perform all the vocalises on one or another vowel, on various syllables, or solfeggio.

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Set of backing tracks to the vocal collection "MIRACLE OF VOCALISES", (p. І): "Vocalises from perfect four to majore sixth"

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